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Submissions are now open for the next six showings.

Please submit by 1st of the month.


Submissions remain on file for one year.

All submissions are reviewed for each show, therefore if you have submitted within the year your submission is still valid and will be reviewed.


Policy and Information on Exhibiting at Gallery Denmark.


Gallery Denmark is part of a larger experience that Denmark LLC provides. The Gallery also serves as the lobby for our Euro-style cocktail lounge, Denmark on High and Triad Architects. Because of restricted signage in the Historical District, the Gallery bears a similar name. However, guests can visit the gallery during the day, or without entering the bar.  Therefore it has its own identity.  In addition, because of our creative licensing, guests at the bar are permitted to wander into the gallery with their cocktails and view the art.  This arrangement provides high traffic, a relaxed atmosphere and a legitimate gallery space.


TRIAD Architects is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.; after 4:00 PM the space becomes the lobby for Denmark. Because traffic to these businesses must pass through the gallery, pedestrian traffic is certain.  Typically in an exhibition period, we estimate that 5,000-6,000 people will see the pieces on the 2nd floor. The Lower Level has less usage and will typically generate about 2,000 visitors in the same period.  These numbers are high when compared to most galleries in the city.


Because both TRIAD Architects and Denmark on High tend to have a highly educated clientele, the art will be appreciated and the possibility of sales should be high among this market.


Denmark is focused on indulgence and enjoyment, whether that is satisfying the palate or the eye.  Therefore the Gallery’s preference is for art that is not “disturbing”, “political” or “depicting sexual acts”.  While we do understand that these are important roles for art and that art’s contributions in these areas have changed history, we believe that other galleries, in particular those connected with museums and institutions, are best suited for such projects.  Our Gallery focuses on joyful works that are celebratory of communal experiences.  We tend to feature abstract, non-objective, realism and impressionistic works. Generally “installation projects” are not effective in the space, however we will consider it.  In addition to paintings, mixed media, framed photography and framed or matted limited signed prints are acceptable.


The dynamic character of the space creates both benefits and limitations.  More traffic and expanded hours increases the audience. The varying setting during the day does change the atmosphere and lighting on the show.  While this may be different than the constant sterile lighting typical of galleries, it does permit the work to be seen in various settings.  During the day the space is lit with “wall washers” that bathe the walls and art work in even bright precision-balanced white light.  At 4:00 PM the east wall of the room opens connecting it to the Denmark bar and restaurant. At that time depending on the season, daylight enters the space from the floor to ceiling glass east wall giving new character to the work. As the reflective daylight fades, the space is subtly lit with lamps. This provides the space with a residential subdued glow encouraging viewing by guests as they sip cocktails.  If dealing with unconventional lighting is a difficulty for your work, then Gallery Denmark is not suited for your exhibition.


We prefer solo exhibits that are well-defined, by serious artists who are actively promoting themselves.  Artists who have not exhibited before, or who have limited experiences, are judged equally with the most well-known artists.  The work itself, and the willingness of the artists to promote themselves, are the most important items in the submission.


Commission: Gallery Denmark is the Yankee on High’s, and TRIAD Architect's contribution the Columbus arts’ community. Therefore, Gallery Denmark does not charge the artist for the exhibit space.

Sales are handled directly through the artist.


Exhibit Space: There is approximately 45 linear feet of wall space on the 2nd floor. (400 sq. ft.) Average ceiling height is 9 feet.   In addition there is another 20 linear feet of wall space, (180 sq. ft.) on the Lower Level that must be hung. The North Room Event Center and The Secret Cellar are on the Lower Level. This ensures a good traffic flow and viewers who will linger as they enjoy the exhibits on each floor.


Responsibilities: The artist is responsible for transporting and hanging the exhibition with the approval of Denmark Management. Each show must be hung prior to the first Saturday of the month in accordance with the schedule. When items are sold, they must be replaced with similar work, or left until the end of the exhibition. All work must be removed from the premises as scheduled.


Display Requirement: All work must be clearly labeled by the artist.  Show programs or/and postcards are the responsibility of the artist. Paper works, including prints, drawings and photography, must be framed or matted.  A framed or matted artist statement must be provided.


Promotions: The artist is primarily responsible to promote the exhibition. Denmark will assist by submitting the event to Experience Columbus, Ohio Magazine, Arts in Ohio, Columbus Arts and other sites. (We are an approved entity for submissions to these sites.) In addition, we will place it on our Denmark Facebook Page, Instagram and Denmark websites. The artist gives permission to use photos from the gallery and/or other images of their work in promoting the show. If there are any images that the artist does not want used in promotions, it is the artist responsibility to make that known.


A Gallery Hop reception promoted by the artist is a requirement.


Security: Neither Denmark, Yankee Brothers LLC, TRAID Architects nor anyone connected with the spaces is responsible for the work on display.  Any damage, theft, or loss is the sole responsibility of the artist.  However, the 2nd floor lobby and the lower level are under video surveillance, 24 hours a day. The doors to the building automatically lock during the night, and Monday – Friday the floor is occupied during the day and into the late evening.  We will be happy to discuss details of the security systems with the artist. However, we will not be accountable for loss under any circumstance.


Submissions: Gallery Denmark is generally interested in solo exhibits; however if a submission is a combination of artists with a connective theme, we will consider it.


We will notify you if we think your work is suited to the space and when we can accommodate it. Although your work may have great potential for exhibition, we must plan the gallery schedule in advance, so there may not be immediate openings. However, we will keep your information on file for one year in the event of a vacancy.  If you have not been notified after one year, please feel free to resubmit.


Section by Jury:  All selections are made by an independent jury.


Email Submissions:



Mailed Submissions:


463 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Deadline: Submissions on going. However reviews are generally early in the month.


Submission Requirements:


1. Current Resume

Contact Information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email)


A Brief Artist’s Statement (Under 100 Words)


Website Address if Applicable


Exhibitions, Commissions and Awards


Education, Teaching, or Professional Experience, etc.


2. Images

If mailing Submission, include a disk or flash drive with 8-10 quality (300 dpi) digital images of your work.


If emailing, attach a minimum of images of your work, or, if images are available on a website, simply include the URL of the website that directs the viewer to the images.


3. Promotion

How will you help to promote your exhibition?


4. Policy

State that you have read and understand Denmark’s policies regarding exhibitions.

It is not our policy to return submitted materials, but if you include a SASE we will return it after the work has been considered for exhibition.

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